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Traditional Thai Massage on the Mat

Performed on a soft, cushioned mat on the floor.  Wearing your own comfortable clothing, your body will be moved through a traditional flowing sequence of movements and stretches, combined with rhythmic compressions and acupressure, to increase energy flow, relax your muscles, gently open your joints, and bring balance and harmony to your whole body.  All sessions will be designed to meet your specific individual needs, with longer sessions allowing time for more in-depth, spot-specific work on problem areas.

60 minutes: $90

90 minutes: $130

120 minutes $170

Therapeutic Massage on the Table:

For those more comfortable on a massage table, a deeply healing and relaxing therapeutic massage can be created using traditional Thai aromatherapy oils.  It may also incorporate some of the tools and techniques of Thai massage, including some gentle stretching, acupressure and the application of warm herbal compresses if desired.  Deeper tissue work can be applied in problem areas as needed.

60 minutes: $90

90 minutes: $130

Thai/Therapeutic Combination Massage:

"The Best of Both Worlds!"

This treatment begins with 45 minutes of Traditional Thai Massage, performed on a soft cushioned mat. Following this, the treatment will shift to the massage table for 45 minutes of therapeutic massage on your back, shoulders and neck, with some specific deep tissue work in problem areas if desired.  This treatment can be customized to your individual needs, and truly offers you The Best of Both Worlds!

90 minutes: $135

60-minute Thai Foot Reflexology Treatment



This treatment is perfect for those suffering from ailments of the feet such as plantar fasciitis or just general foot fatigue.  It incorporates warm herbal compresses to soothe the tissues of the feet, deep pressure point work, and the principles and techniques of traditional Thai foot reflexology.  Feels wonderful and great results!

60-minute Thai Head & Neck Treatment



This treatment targets tension and muscle strain in the head and neck and can be helpful in the alleviation of headaches and neck discomfort.  It may also include some work on the upper back and shoulders as well as some soothing facial massage if desired, and it may incorporate the use of a small warm herbal compress and acupressure.  Feel the tension melt away!

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